Single Ambit System

Attached to the camera rig, our single Ambit system creates a 16’ (5m) radius performance area locked to that camera's movements. A Sensor, attached to objects and performers, allows the system to track their position and orientation within that performance area. Seamlessly transfer between Motion Focus and full manual control is also possible.

Ideal uses


Whether you are walking down a street together or sitting beside each other, Andra Radius is perfect for capturing the back and forth between the interviewer and subject, almost instantaneously pulling back to your subject to get that key emotion up close and in low Depth of Field.  

To keep your subject feeling more natural and comfortable, for a better result, you can shoot with a much smaller lighting package, just open up your aperture safe in the knowledge your focus will never miss. Intimate moments are closer than ever. 


With an Ambit on the camera rig, and your reporter set up with a pack and sensor along side their mic kit, you don’t need to expand your crew to get a live feed with more drama and more natural lighting. Extreme weather reporting may never be the same. Of course, add a pack and sensor and you’re field ready for a one-on-one interview. Pulitzer anyone?


Action shots are unpredictable and challenge even the most hardened focus puller, but with a dolly/steadicam and choreography designed to keep the action in the performance area, the role can change from trying to just keep focus to deciding where it should be. Whether it’s a chase scene, a close-up quick movement, or capturing an extreme sport, when you can stay close, Andra will be right there with you keeping things sharp. New heights of artistic expression and on-screen tension are ripe for the taking.