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Nail the Shot

When your eye moves, your focus moves in lockstep. And when you pull a focus sequence, the timing has to be perfect. When handling a run-and-gun situation, though, that can be a challenge.

Andra Motion Focus gives you near-zero latency, for immediate, sharp focus. Whether it's your camera that's moving, or your subject — or both — your focus will never lag behind. Nailing that crazy action shot with a hundred moving parts? You've got this.

Set Your Standard

Set up complex focus sequences and master those difficult pulls the first time, and every time. 

When the scene calls for rack focus, you can forget about fiddly measurements and on-the-fly calculations and instead, concentrate on enhancing the scene with the perfect pull timing. And if another take (or six) is needed? You can run it again, knowing that every shot you pull will be crisp.

Let Andra Motion Focus take care of the science, while you take care of the art. 

Game-Changing Precision

Focus errors become glaring at high resolution, especially with close-up shots. Large format and IMAX® is growing. 4K is here. 8K is coming. Andra Motion Focus keeps you ahead of the curve with accuracy that no other system can match. 

With sub-centimeter precision, you can easily and unerringly distinguish between your subject's eyes and their nose, even when they're moving, without having to take multiple marks. With eye-focus precision, those close-up, high-res shots will always be focused exactly the way you envisioned.