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Attain Your Vision

You know the shots you want to make. You can see them in your mind's eye. But technology hasn't kept pace with your imagination, forcing you to do the best you can with what's available. 

Andra Motion Focus makes those shots possible. Low-light? No problem. Objects flying back and forth across your subject...who just happens to be in motion as well? Easy. 

Now you can pull off all those shots you've dreamed about, and the ones you didn't dare dream of. It's time let them ALL out to play.

Broaden Your Options

With freedom comes creativity, and Andra Motion Focus gives you the freedom to explore new ideas and options. Industry-leading precision allows you to lock down your focus and timing, so you can play around and try out new sequences or new manual adjustments while still being able to come back to your control setting.

And with all the time you save in setup and extra takes, you'll be able to try out new sequences and explore ideas that you just didn't have time for before. Now, you have the freedom to say, "What if...?" and actually make it happen.

Maximize Dramatic Impact

Those jaw-dropping moments are hard to create, and sometimes they only happen once (alien chest-bursting scene, anybody?) With sub-centimeter precision, and near-zero latency, you won't botch the take when those "Did you SEE that?!?" moments happen.

Is the drama of the quiet kind? Andra Motion Focus is the only system precise enough to tell the difference between an actor's eye and their nose. So that close-up reaction shot will be in perfect focus, even on the largest HD screens.