System Setup

Andra is designed to easily install on sound sets and other fixed locations in a wide variety of shapes, though typically a rectangle or square giving you up to 48’ square feet of performance area.  

Our grid pole system is designed to make installation simple and straightforward. The performance grid features a tidy solution to run to a single AC source. Andra Radius is ready to perform whenever the cameras are. 

Ideal Uses


Andra is ingenious for product video shots, as its patented offset system allows you to specify as many focus points on the object as you wish, and then either move the object around, the camera around, or with two packs and sensors, both. Shot repeatability is built in, just record a sequence of focus pulls, swap in a new product variation, and simply duplicate the result. Great brand experiences are easier than ever.

Small Studio

Of course Andra Radius is designed to excel on a small sounds stage, but our modular grid system can also integrate easily with any size of room. While our fully customizable small studio package starts with a 24 sq. ft. performance area, if you were working on location for an extended period, for example in an on-location house, it’s simple to hard or battery wire in Motion Focus. Whether you need a a single ambit in a small room to 8 Ambits covering a whole floor, Andra can perform in small fixed situations. Of course it works excellently on a small sound stage as well. 

Large Studio

With how well it works well in a small studio, the possibilities for creative and technical expression grow even greater with a larger performance area of our fixed 48’ performance space. The modularity of Andra Radius helps it excel in a studio environment, so that talent doesn’t need to trade, map an unlimited number of fixed focal locations (we call them nodes) or run multiple cameras. 

Whether you want to own a full system outright, or provide the fixed Motion Focus Ambit and Grid infrastructure for productions to access, Team Andra is available to consult to help with your vision, including partnering to have hardware available at rental houses.


System Components


The Andra Radius System maintains focus on objects and subjects by tracking their position within a magnetic field. This field is produced by a cube shaped device known as an Ambit.

Rubberized corners, a lip and groove seal and an internal cradle have been engineered to protect the component from normal production use.


  • Creates an 8’ (2.44m) radius magnetic field.
  • Lemo push/pull power connector.
  • No line of sight needed.
  • Up to 25, in a 5x5 grid, can be used at a time to create a maximum performance area of 48’ x 48’ (14.63m x 14.63m)
  • Flexible grid creation to map out the needed performance area.
  • Up to 100 selectable frequencies, within four channel, allowing up to 4 systems to be used in proximity.


  • Mounts to a camera, carried on a boom pole or ambit grid pole, hung overhead or hidden in or behind objects.
  • Dimensions: 11 cm (4.33”) L x 11.19 cm (4.41”) W x 11.19 cm (4.41”) H.
  • Weight: 400g (.88lbs) without mounting plates.